Transform your stress into strength. Discover how to balance the scales of your demanding career.

Welcome! My name is Salatha Helton, LMFT and I provide holistic therapy for women like us who are in high demanding jobs and careers. Stop self-sabotaging your happiness and schedule a time to talk to me. All sessions are private, secure and discreet.
I do not share your personal information
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I have over 10 years experience working with women just like us

My Accomplishments & Certifications
Founder, Behold Your Wonder, Counseling & Consulting
Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California and Arizona
Certified Trauma Professional
Emotionally Focused Therapist (Est. Completion 7/24)
Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology
Sex Therapy CEUS
Approved Clinical Supervisor for Arizona State Board of Behavioral Health Examiners
Approved Clinical Supervisor for California Board of Behavioral Sciences
Bachelors of Art in Journalism, with a minor in Professional Writing  

I would like to give you your flowers and let you know that therapy has helped me grow a lot over the years. My anxiety has gotten better and easier to cope with, I feel more confident when it comes to communicating how I feel to myself and others, and I’ve gotten much-needed healing.


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Salatha is really great. She has a calm demeanor and a great sense of what questions to ask. I find that she has a good balance of listening and gently guiding. Super happy I found her. She has helped me immensely.


Let's build and discover the benefits of a balanced life together.

Improve Your Emotional Regulation

Navigate High-Stress Environments: Understand and manage the effects of high-stress environments that often lead to emotional dysregulation and burnout.

Emotional Recognition and Processing: Learn techniques to better recognize and process emotions, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

Achieve Balance and Control: Master strategies to maintain calm and control, transforming emotional turbulence into a balanced and resilient state of mind.
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Manage That Anxiety and Stress Effectively

Address Persistent Pressures: Tackle the impact of continuous work pressures and personal expectations that cloud mental clarity.

Overcome Inadequate Coping Mechanisms: Replace ineffective coping strategies with proven techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

Break Mental Health Stigmas: Learn to embrace tranquility and resilience, diffusing anxiety and navigating stress with newfound ease.

Develop Stronger Relationships with Yourself & Others Around You

Build from Low Self-Esteem & 'Imposter Syndrome': Address how low self-esteem and past negative experiences impact both body and mind, setting the stage for positive change.

Foster Trust and Communication: Work on enhancing trust and improving communication skills to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Cultivate Self-Love and Connection: Learn to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself, paving the way for deeper, more meaningful connections with others.

I'll provide you with helpful resources for actionable and measurable change.

Integrated Therapy Resources

Access to digital worksheets, articles, and therapeutic tools that can be used between sessions to support progress.

Asynchronous Support Options

Clients may have the option to receive support or feedback through asynchronous methods, such as email or secure messaging, which provides flexibility.

Customized Session Lengths

Ability to offer different session lengths to fit various therapeutic needs and client schedules, rather than the standard 50-minute model.

Personalized Therapy Plans

Creation of individualized therapy plans that are accessible, allowing for a clear roadmap of therapeutic goals and outcomes.
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Frequently asked questions

Isn't therapy just for people who can't handle their problems on their own?
Therapy is a proactive step for anyone seeking to improve their well-being, offering strategies to manage challenges more effectively and build resilience, regardless of their current coping abilities.
I've tried therapy before and it didn't work. How will this be different?
Every therapy experience is unique, and it may take more than one attempt to find the right therapeutic fit and approach. My service is tailored to the specific needs of women in high-demand careers, focusing on practical strategies for anxiety and stress.
How can online therapy be as effective as in-person sessions?
Online therapy has been scientifically proven to be as effective as in-person therapy for many, offering the same level of interaction and engagement, with the added convenience of accessing help from anywhere.
Will my personal and sensitive information be secure online?
We use industry-standard encryption and follow strict privacy laws to ensure that all your personal information and communications are kept secure and confidential.
I'm concerned about the cost since you don't take insurance.
My rates are priced according to industry standards and I occasionally consider a sliding scale. Also, without the constraints of insurance, I can provide more personalized care. In some cases, I can provide a superbill for your insurance company.
Isn't therapy a long, drawn-out process? I need results now.
I focus on providing efficient, goal-oriented therapy that respects your time and need for actionable results, offering coping strategies from the very first session.
I don't have time for therapy with my busy schedule.
My online therapy is designed for flexibility, offering sessions during off-hours and using an approach that integrates seamlessly into your demanding lifestyle.
I’ve never done therapy; isn't it for people with more serious issues?
Therapy is beneficial for anyone looking to improve their mental health, regardless of the severity of their issues. It's about gaining tools and insights to live a more fulfilling life.
Isn't therapy just talking? How can that help me with real-life stress and anxiety?
Therapy is more than just talking; it’s a collaborative process where you learn practical strategies and gain insights that can lead to real-life changes and better stress management.
I’m used to handling things myself. How do I know I need therapy?
Seeking therapy is not about inability to handle issues, but rather about choosing to handle them in a healthier, more informed way. It's a smart, proactive step towards personal growth and resilience.
Do you provide any support between sessions if I'm struggling?
We offer various forms of between-session support, such as messaging or digital resources, to ensure you have continuous guidance.
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